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We are here to help you achieve your vision and to showcase your project in the best way possible. We will work within your time frames and schedules to tailor a solution for you, to work within your budget and achieve your vision for your project.


The process to get started is easy, simply follow these key points:



What you do next:


Contact us and have a chat about how a time-lapse system solution or site connectivity can benefit your project

We’ll be happy to come to your offices to meet relevant team members to explain the systems and their benefits/use

Once we establish what you need to achieve your project goals, we can collaborate with you to develop a capture plan and project time line for your project scenario from commission date, milestone events through to de-commission and deliverables



What we’ll do:


Arrange a site visit with you to determine a number of factors for the capture plan. These include:

The best install positions for equipment

Mounting requirements for install

Check composition and framing from those positions

System power requirements, mains or solar

Permissions and permits required for installation and ongoing maintenance

Once that’s done we’ll:


Deliver, install, test and commission all equipment according to your time lines and schedules

Maintain image capturing equipment for the duration of the project

Provide daily image and quality control checks

Supply monthly/quarterly/finished project updates as required

Upon completion, de-commission pack up and remove equipment



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We are based in South East Queensland but are available all over Australia and the world.

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