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Our systems use the highest quality components to deliver industry leading imagery and video, tailored to your requirements.

We can supply mains powered or standalone solar powered systems that will operate in remote regions with minimal maintenance.

System mounting can vary depending on project requirements, options include pole mount, building/existing structure mount and mobile trailer mount.


Time-lapse Systems:

High Resolution DSLR image capture – RAW image capable.

3G/4G connectivity.

Remote viewing and configuration via web browser.

Images uploaded to remote server and backed up off site.

Event scheduling available for milestone events.

Mains powered or standalone solar powered.

All weather enclosures ensures the system keeps going in all conditions.


Web Streaming Systems:

Range of image capture cameras including PTZ capable.

3G/4G connectivity.

Live remote viewing and monitoring via 3G/4G network.

Specific higher definition web streaming security cameras can be used for mobile security applications.


Delivery with time-lapse systems:

High resolution image capture to achieve the best results.

Time-lapse video supplied in full HD (1920 x 1080) as digital file and autoplay DVD.

Sequence post production and de-flickering for a smoother output.

Client logos and branding incorporated into video.

In house music production for underlay soundtrack if required, other options available.

High quality set of processed project images, ready for use in print and visual media.

Original image sequence images supplied on hard drive/USB.

Upload videos to your Youtube or Vimeo channel if required.

Monthly/quarterly update sequences as required.

Our flagship 4G portable trailer time-lapse and security system in action.

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