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Whatever the project, we provide a range of services from component/equipment supply, equipment install and maintenance packages to full turn-key solutions to showcase your project to the world.


We provide simple standalone time-lapse photography systems, web streaming site connectivity systems, mobile security systems, straight photography, video and editing, or a combination to suit your projects’ specific needs.


Standard Time-lapse Services:

The standard service includes a time-lapse unit located in a static position on site and shoots images at regular intervals for the duration of the project. The end result is a time-lapse video of the whole project going up viewed from the one position.

More than one unit can be used to obtain multiple viewpoints or viewing angles.

An added benefit of HD time-lapse captures is a full set of HD images of the site that can be used for marketing or other media applications, progress reports, method analysis, procedure reviews, or even work health and safety reviews.


Dynamic Time-lapse Services:

For a more dynamic final production video we can supply dynamic time-lapse footage at any stage of the construction using specific production techniques and equipment like slide rails and action cameras. This involves a site visit with the specialist gear at certain intervals during the construction period, and is a great way to emphasize project milestone events.


Web Streaming and Site Connectivity Services:

If you just want to be able to connect to your site and see what’s happening from your office, or you want to engage with your stakeholders and provide them with viewing access, we can provide a web streaming solution with a camera/cameras suited to your project needs.

An added benefit of site connectivity systems is the ability to use higher definition security based cameras that allow a host of security features to be available on your project site, like after hours monitoring of plant and equipment, motion sensor alerts and/or recording, or even just the deterrent of cameras being on site.


Photographic Services:

We can provide professional ground based photography at any stage of the build to complement your project, as it is being built, or at the final stages of fit out before it is handed over and commissioned to your client. This ensures you have a complete record of your construction to showcase in future reports, tenders or submissions.


Video Services:

We can provide professional video capture and editing services at any stage of construction, from project manager interviews for site updates, to training and induction videos for staff, workers or virtual tours of the completed facility.


Don’t know the first thing about cameras, web streaming or time-lapse? Let us worry about the technical details so you can get back to what you do best.


Security Cameras and Services:

If you have concerns with site security, temporary, mains powered or solar powered units are available. These units can stream via 3G or WiFi to your site office and usually able to be remote accessed via the web through a web browser or phone app.

After hours control room monitoring can also be provided with alerts, patrol response and authority notification as available options.

We have an exclusive affiliation with Coffeyco Security, so security options and measures can be tailored to your sites needs.

On site at the BMA drag line project

Our pole mount time-lapse camera system makes for easy deployment

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