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Global Sitelink are industry leaders in time lapse photography and remote site security. We provide high quality, practical and affordable solutions with high quality products for use in everything from project marketing to site monitoring and security. Global Sitelink use cutting edge technology to provide a tailored approach to your photographic and connectivity needs, across Australia and the world.


Time lapse photography refers to the collection of progressive images taken of a site from a static position that shows the construction progress over a period of time. These images are then played in a video format to show the fast-tracked progression of a construction site from start to finish in a matter of minutes.


Remote site security refers to visual connectivity via professional IP security cameras, over a 3G/4G network. This enables remote viewing of a site via the internet as either a live feed or historical search.



Some of the benefits Global Sitelink can offer you:


  • Client and stakeholder access to see immediate progress of project.
  • Remote site monitoring can be used by site managers as a production tool. From any internet connected computer or phone, a site manager could verify completed tasks, confirm site deliveries of goods, and monitor project progress.
  • Cost savings for upper management not having to fly/travel to site to see project progress.
  • An interactive platform to showcase key projects, and organisational capabilities
  • High quality time lapse video of the complete site build supplied periodically throughout the project, and as a  final video after the project has finished
  • High quality set of images of the site build to use for print and visual media

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